Hongkong Street lights will be installed Wi-Fi

The near future, on the road in Hongkong, we also can be connected to the Internetby free Wi-Fi. Said the director of Hongkong commerce and Economic Development Bureau Su Jinliang in Legislative Council members question reply, the highways department has to related operators provide Street lights list, design operators are coordinated and unified Wi-Fi device, is expected to submit to the highways department approval at the end of the year.

The government of Hongkong since the implementation of the "Hongkong government Wi-Fi" plan, the government site provides free wireless broadband Internet service. The government is planning to put the Wi-Fi services extended to include more open and crowded places and public institutions, and plans to free Wi-Fi service with a generic brand promotion.

Su Jinliang said, "the government of Hongkong Wi-Fi" the purpose is to set the Wi-Fi wireless internet facilities at the appropriate government site, the convenience of the public and visitors free Internet access. "Wi-Fi" has been in the 430 government site installation of over 2300 Wi-Fi hotspots, these sites cover all 18 districts, including the public library, advisory service center, sports, culture and the Kangle center, cooked food markets and cooked food centres, job centres, community halls, large parks, government buildings and offices etc.. Since last month, "Wi-Fi" personal uplink speed limit from 1 to 2M per second per second up to about 3M, faster transmission speed.

The Hongkong government had revised regulations, in order to provide operators and coverage expanded Hongkong outdoor wireless Internet services. Su Jinliang said, in order to assist the operators to use post installed Wi-Fi device, the highways department has to provide operators list, select can be used to install streetlights data set Wi-Fi device, such as their location, height etc.. He said, first proposed the establishment of Wi-Fi hot spots in the position with more people and convenient service, make services more cost-effective.