Quickly check whether there is leakage phenomenon of street lighting equipment

When street lamps equipment leakage, how to detect leakage phenomenon? First of all, to do personal protection measures: wear a helmet, wear overalls, wearing insulated shoes, with testing tools, instruments, and one for testing, another for monitoring to ensure safety.

We can detect leakage from the following aspects:

1. Measure leakage voltages with a multimeter. Switch the multimeter on the AC voltage measurement files, usually 250V file, then insert the black pen of multimeter into the soil near the measuring equipment, the red pen connected to the metal casing of the device. Then look at the number of instructions on the meter, if the hands do not move, can in turn be replaced by low file until data is indicating the specific leakage voltage of the device. If the pen is still no indication when the low file, it means that the device does not exist leakage phenomenon.

2. With a voltage test pen to check for leaks. Voltage test pen directly connected with the metal casing of street lighting electrical equipment, when the neon tube in the electrical test pen lights up, it is clear that the device has a leakage, and leakage higher voltage. When the neon tube is not lit, it may be leakage voltage is low, or no leakage phenomenon.

3. If no multimeter and test electric pen, available back touches the metal casing of street lighting equipment (no practical experience electrician Do not use this method). If you feel numb, it shows that the device has a leakage phenomenon. If there is a sense of shock then the drain voltage is relatively high, the control box must be checked analyze the reasons for the power outage, troubleshooting before use, otherwise an electric shock may occur.