The street lamps transmission cover material selection

At present, the conventional street lamps transmission cover is made of heat resistant organic glass. The reason I chose it, because it has the following characteristics: 1 light transmission performance is good; 2 both ultraviolet radiation from the sun or light bulb is not easy to change color; 3 chemical resistant performance is good; 4 with anti impact strength and reasonable.

In general, the floodlights transparent cover is made of toughened glass, because the floodlights light source power is relatively large, the lamp size is limited, the light is too concentrated, the surface temperature of the cover is relatively high, organic glass is generally not withstand, therefore can only choose good heat resistance of toughened glass. Tempered glass also has a feature, when it was broken, the formed fragments will not easy to be hurt people.

In addition, also has floodlights transparent cover is made of glass. Its advantage is cheap, do not change color, drawback is heavy, brittle. Some places transparent cover can also be made of polycarbonates, the utility model has the advantages of high mechanical strength, good heat resistance; shortcomings in the ultraviolet radiation effects to change color, high price, low light transmittance.