Optical performance requirements of street lighting lamps

Street lighting lamps as used in outdoor long-term, environmental condition is bad, have higher requirements on the optical properties.

First of all, street lighting lamps to light with reasonable. The timing is lamp (or light source) light intensity distribution state in all directions of space. The so-called reasonable light distribution includes the following 3 points:

1. Have a certain angle of lighting, this is to ensure that the lamp light emitted on the road have the necessary coverage in a certain degree, but can not say that the lighting angle is bigger is better, its size should be based on the need to choose.

2. The lamp light distribution should not have the obvious change, that is to say the light distribution curve to smooth. Only in this way can we ensure that the brightness on the road (or intensity) distribution.

3. In order to limit the glare, and lighting downward vertical shaft of light intensity of 90 degree and 80 degree direction value cannot exceed the corresponding provisions.

Secondly, luminaire efficiency should be higher. Luminaire efficiency is high, the luminous flux can use the greater. The routine street lamps, down lamp luminous flux also requires a bigger is better. Lower output luminous flux is bigger, more luminous flux arriving at the pavement.